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Plant Based, All Natural, Made in the UK

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Hand made in Nepal with 100% New Zealand wool
Worzl eco friendly flop flops.  Rubber, no plastic.  35 options available

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35 different colourway options available

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Worzl flip flops are all natural, rubber, biodegradable, durable, and made in the UK.

Say goodbye to plastic, and hello to sustainable, biodegradable natural rubber. Worzl flip flops provide your feet with comfortable support and a durable sole and should last you ages if you take care of them. Not only will you be doing your part for the environment, you'll be doing your feet a favour too. Our flip flops are firm and flexible, providing a comfortable fit for all-day wear.​

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Flip flops are the biggest single item of footwear with some 3 billion pairs produced globally! Most are made from petro-chemical derived plastics and PVC and end up in landfill or the oceans where they break down and cause untold harm to ocean dwelling life.

At Worzl we are use natural, sustainable, fully biodegradable rubber to produce our comfy and durable flip flops, right here in Wiltshire, UK.
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Made in the UK

Natural rubber soles and straps

Environmentally friendly, durable, comfortable and plastic free.

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Love my new flip flops. They fit as expected for the size and they don't 'flip flop' too much and do bed in nicely with use. Lovely textured grippy soles.

Women's non plastic, biodegradable, rubber flip flops made in the UK. - 8
Anne N

Worzls feel great on my feet when I walk and are really comfy. I love all the colours and appreciate the quick delivery. Thanks!

Mens non plastic, biodegradable, rubber flip flops made in the UK. - 6
Linda H

Love that Worzl's have no plastic and are natural. Lots of choice too. Will be buying more for sure.

Kids non plastic, biodegradable, rubber flip flops made in the UK. - 5
Ben F